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Lolab Valley

City: Kupwara       State: Jammu and Kashmir       Country: India
This attractive and beautiful  valley  full of magnificient blue prints has been praised by many  poets .Dr. Allama Iqbal  says, "pani teray chashsmoon ka tadapta hua seemab,´murgani sahar  teray fizawoon main hai beetab aye wadiya Lolab’’, Fazil says, "wesiye su gulfam yad aam yad aam, yad aam Lolab Sogam yad aam yad aam". Varnow village is home to renowed Kashmiri Islamic scholar Allama Anwar ShahRA   Kashmiri. Sogam, Chandigam, Diver, Anderbug,  Lalpore and Kalaroos are some of the noteworthy areas with rest house facilities.  Historical LOV Nag spring  is in Anderbug.  One of the most attractive places in the area is a cave located in the jungles of Madmadow. It is believed that the cave known as Kalaroos leads us to Russia.

Climate | When to Visit

Visit during: July to March

Directions | How to Reach

By Air:- Nearest Airport is Jammu.By Rail:- Nearest Railway juntion is Jammu Tawwi.By Road:-Well connected Highway road with all cities.

miscellaneous | Important Information

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